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Add a new driveway! KAL Landscaping and Driveways of Salisbury Wiltshire for top quality block paving, patios and pathways.
Add elegance, strength and a lot more besides

You can be sure that we will create a beautiful, individual approach to your home that will last for generations to come.

We raise the standard when building a driveway! What you see on top will look fabulous, thanks to the tremendous designs we have in our rage, the quality of the blocks themselves, the detailing and of course, the attention we take from design to construction.

But what you do not see is equally important - in fact, probably more so. Enormous care goes into the design, preparation and construction of the foundations for your driveway. Building it properly means that it will be able to handle surface and storm water in line with planning regulations. Ensuring that the base and sub-base are strong enough, level enough and properly compacted to our own rigidly laid down standards means a driveway that is more stable, stronger and less prone to subsidence, even after years of use.

Every member of our team of advisers, designers and installers is dedicated to ensuring that your driveway exceeds every requirement and expectation.

The new legislation that has been introduced to tackle the issues of flooding and other environmental concerns mean you may need planning permission for some situations and types of new driveway and will always need to ensure that surface water can drain away efficiently, without contributing to flood risks.

As leaders in the field, we conform this issue in two ways that each take into account the type of soil you have and the design of your drive: namely by constructing an efficient soak away tat is big enough to cope with your surface water, even in a heavy storm or by using our remarkable new Porlock permeable blocks, that in line with SUDS, allow rain water to pass straight into the prepared sub-surface below, reducing the risk of flooding.
Our Guarantee

Our guarantee Our block paving will not crack, dip or subside due to the specification of the sub base, the quality of materials used and professional installation, giving you permanent peace of mind.

Every driveway and patio we design and install is built to last.

We stake our reputation on it. Unlike many other companies, our driveways and patios come with a guarantee.
KAL Landscaping and Driveways Salisbury Wiltshire